Attempt to deceive the USDA/NOP

Re: Potential Equivalency with Costa Rican Ministry of Agriculture (“MAG”) or State Phytosanitary Services (“SPS”)

Dear Deputy Administrator McEvoy,

On behalf of my client, Costa de Oro Internacional USA, Inc. and the Costa Rican

entities it is affiliated with1

, I write to alert you of an apparent attempt to deceive the USDA and NOP by various individuals who fraudulently represented the purpose and authority for advocating for an equivalency agreement with Costa Rica over the last several months. Without a doubt, as detailed below, the acts of these individuals amount to nothing more than an orchestrated campaign of one competitor purportedly acting under the guise of official Costa Rican government agencies and commissions to sabotage and destroy the business of another competitor through an unchecked system of what appears to be governmental corruption. As a result, it is imperative that the NOP thoroughly evaluate these activities, as substantiated by the evidence provided with this letter, before engaging in any further negotiations of an equivalency agreement with Costa Rica.

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