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Primus GFS Certification

This certification is awarded for the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI), organization created to accomplish a very important objective: making that industrial production of food develops in harmony with the global alimentary security.
Valle Verde products received this certification as a guarantee that its products have all the quality requirements to be accepted and commercialized in all over the world.

Kosher Certification

This certification proves that Valle Verde products fulfill with all the characteristics and standard rules of quality established by the kosher community, according to the Jewish law. This law says that the products have to be as pure and natural as they can be. Hybridization is forbidden and fruits that have been infested by plagues too.

Global GAP Certification

Companies that have this certification fulfill some rules to give confidence to the customers about the way agricultural production is made: minimizing the negative impact of environmental exploitation, reducing the use of chemical products and guaranteeing a responsible acting related to the health and security of workers and taking care of the animals wellness too.

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